Data Policy and Data Services

Data access and terms of service

Official data and products from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET Norway) are regarded as public sector information and are freely available to the public for use, distribution and processing. The users have to acquire information on the licensing and follow our terms of use. It is always required that you credit the source of data, e.g. “Data from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute», «Based on data from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute».

Exceptions are customized deliveries requiring special delivery guarantees or dissemination of data produced by our partners.

Data and products are licensed under Norwegian license for public data (NLOD) and Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Norway.

Download Services

Most of our data and products are available from self-service download services.  There are a few exceptions to this: Data and products that are currently being tested at the institute will as a main rule not be available until they are defined as official data or products. Some data are made available to us (or data MET Norway manages) from third parties and data, which we by law are prohibited to distribute to the public, will not be made available.

Data download services from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute include:

  • (interface to a variety of data from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute)
  • eklima (website with access to weather and climate data from historical data to real-time observations). For access contact
  • wsklima (web-service interface where climate data from historical data to real-time observations  including metadata are made ​​available). For access contact
  • (search and distribution service for the Arctic data)

In collaboration with the Norwegian Broadcasting Company (NRK) we have also developed ready-to-use service to retrieve data and products directly from the website

  • (these data should be credited according to the instructions on


Basically, all of our data and products are free and readily available from the  download services as listed above.

Customized data delivery is possible, but there will be an initial cost and annual management charge. The information is still free. The cost covers the resources to establish and manage the delivery, and will depend on the data and products to be delivered.

We try to accommodate all requests regarding access to meteorological data and products, but for special requests regarding archived data our capacity may be limited.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

As a general rule, there are no SLA offered for delivery of data and products.

Customized delivery of data and products produced by other suppliers

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute collaborates with other meteorological services in Europe, and act as a handling agent in Norway for data listed in the ECOMET catalogue to any third parties. The commercial branch of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute is in this context equivalent to a third party.

Delivery of data and products may be supplied over ftp. This service is chargeable.

Data and products that are not produced by us can also have a separate information charge according to the price list in the ECOMET catalogue. The prices are set by the data producer.

Data from The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), can be conveyed through the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (view catalogue for ECMWF)

The price of data from the ECOMET and ECMWF-catalogues are based on the data and products you order. The price varies according to both timely and geographical resolution. The distribution can be handled by us or the data provider ECMWF directly. In both cases applicable handling fees will be added.

Satellite data (AVHRR) are available from the European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT). See EUMETSAT pages for details of the range of products.


For more information about data policy or custom deliveries of other data from the Norwegian Meteorological institute contact Janicke Giæver Ruth on e-mail or phone +47 45 27 31 71.

For more information about data deliveries from contact editor of

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