“You have been blocked”

Do you try to access www.yr.no and only get a page saying “You have been blocked”? You have probably breached our terms of service, and have not responded to our emails.

We give the following information on the blocking page:

One or more services that has the same IP address as you uses yr.no’s free weather data service.

All requests from your IP-address have been blocked because you have violated yr.no’s terms of service (info in English). The most common reason for blocking is an extreme amount of requests to our servers during a short time.

We usually contact the owner of the IP address via e-mail before we block someone.
If we don’t get any response, we block the service.
The blocking usually lasts for a month, sometimes longer.

Please read the usage requirements for the free weather data thoroughly.

The information is only available in Norwegian. You have to be able to understand Norwegian or get someone to translate the requirements and regulations into your language. It is very important that you understand and follow the guidelines! We regularily monitor the downloads of our XML-files, and will block you without warning if you don’t follow the requirements.

We are sorry that this information is not available in English. yr.no is financed by Norwegian tax and license fee payers, and our main focus is Norwegian forecasts and services, although we do offer forecasts for every country and all major cities of the world. We are afraid to get overloaded with traffic if we translate the guidelines and promote the free weather data service in English.

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